Friday, September 25, 2015


It's been a long time coming.  Finally, Manny Machado has called Jonathan Papelbon what he probably should be called.  Don't know what I mean? Keep reading. USA Today writes:

"The Orioles and Nationals rivalry took an ugly turn on Wednesday night when Jonathan Papelbon hit Manny Machado with a pitch, sparking benches to clear and accusations after the game that it was intentional. Two innings earlier, Machado hit what would eventually be the game-winning home run."

Papelbon was ejected, but stuck around the dugout the rest of the game. Orioles management was annoyed by that.  Machado was later quoted, speaking of Papelbon and his actions:
Gotta love that.  Baltimore Sun has more from Machado:

“'[Someone] with more than 10 years in the game and he’s going to go out there and throw at somebody’s head,' Machado said. 'It’s something that’s uncalled for. It’s [BS]. It’s something that you don’t do.'”

Now look. We have felt that Papelbon is a arrogant douchbag for years.  It started in that Red Sox clubhouse a while back. He shouldn't be carrying himself that way at all.  He's always acted like he just "runs the house".  A perfect example of that is when he cupped his balls to the Philadelphia crowd.

He was pretty much labelled a troubled player after that, and eventually traded off to Washington. But it wasn't easy to trade someone like Papelbon. That's because no team would take him because of his lousy attitude.  The dude just doesn't know how to follow directions and thinks he can come and go as he pleases.  He's a problem player.  Anyone who gets ejected and doesn't hit the showers is pretty high on themselves.

Machado is right and I applaud him. Papelbon is a coward.

Hey, there's a happy ending, kind of;  Papelbon has been suspended. But 3 games and a fine is not enough in my opinion.

Look at his profile picture...

Kind of looks like a mugshot.  Know what I mean?

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