Friday, August 14, 2015


Finally, it's time.  You know, Bleeding Yankee Blue has been dying to see the kids up in the majors for a while now.  Rob Refsnyder had a taste earlier this season and it was nice to see.  Jose Pirela was up for a bit.

And recently, in a BYB piece titled BIRD IS THE WORD IN SCRANTON  we wrote simply "Obviously with Mark Teixeria at first base, there is no question it will be difficult for the Yankees to call Bird up, but I will suggest bringing him up with September call-ups right around the corner.  Give the kid a few big league at bats... let him sit alittle with the veterans and give him a chance to see what it's all about.  Lord knows he'll be here before we know it anyway."  Well. it's been a busy week for Bird and now he's in the Bigs.

I got this tweet from Iris, a BYB reader earlier yesterday:
Now you don't realize how much I appreciate that stuff.  And the reality is, while I wanted to just write a news piece letting our readers know Bird was called up, the reality is, a story like this is just too big, too quick and it wouldn't have mattered if I told you the news or not.  You would have heard about it much too quickly.  The reality is... we're happy Bird is in the bigs.  We're happy he had 5 at bats last night, and sure, he was 0-5 with 2 strikeouts and no one likes to see that... but here's the truth;  Bird is up and Yankeeland is happy... very happy.  And you know what? Game 1 is under his belt and there will be more and when things get comfortable for the kid, he'll deliver. 

The good news is that Yankee brass did the right thing here.  Bird's up...Severino's up. Next hopefully is Aaron Judge.

We're in a new era ladies and gentlemen.  The Yankees are on the upside of winning again... and they are keeping and actually utilitzing our farm for a change.  I like what I'm seeing.  I'm excited about Greg Bird and company.

A positive step... and I dig it.

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