Friday, June 12, 2015


Quick note and I'm doing this because I have tremendous respect for all baseball fans and the game itself. Plus, there's a guy I met a few years ago who is not a Yankee fan, but he's a great dude with a big heart and he respect us here at BYB.  In return, I'll help out @SupermanRob2914 whenever I can.

The Baltimore Orioles are doing their annual food drive at Camden Yards this weekend. My buddy Rob tweeted me this:
So, I'm asking you all to do the right thing.  If you are going to see the Yankees vs. the Orioles this weekend, be it as an Orioles fan or Yankees fan, be #BASEBALLSTRONG!  Take a moment, go to the store or check out your cubbard, and bring non-perishable items to donate for the Orioles food drive.   It's going on all weekend and it's a terrific cause.

Do it, and you'll feel great!

Hey Rob... I got your back... and Go Yanks!

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