Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Alot was said about Ramon Flores being sent down to Triple A for backup infielder Brendan Ryan.

"Why would they do that?"
"Yankees need to wake up!"
"What's Brendan Ryan going to offer??"

Apparently he offered enough to get the Yankees a rally today.  Look, I'm not a fan of certain players and I have my thoughts about them.  Stephen Drew is one of them and I've never been a fan of Sergio Mitre, but he kept coming back to the Yankees and sucking the life out of me.  That's what makes being a fan fun.  You give alittle jazz.  I don't hate players, I just don't like them playing in New York.  It's an opinion, not hate.

Many ranked on Ryan when it was revealed that he was coming back to the Bronx. This was my favorite:

"WOW can't believe they did that, Ryan's a bust..."

Sure, I guess enough of a bust to go 2-3 with and RBI and a run scored.  Oh, you mean THAT kind of bust.  Got it.   Look, I never said Ryan was an All-Star, but I do believe in longing to get out on a field again with your team and try to do great things. I believe in the believer. The adrenaline was flowing today and Ryan delivered!

With the Yankees down 2-0, the 7th was big.

Ryan tripled knocking in Chris Young. After that, Gardy doubled and Ryan scored.  After that, ARod doubled knocking in 1 and then... more... Brian McCann singled and 1 more run scored.  Just like that, the Yankees were up 4-2, and it started with Brendan Ryan.

The Nationals would eventually come back 4-4.  But then Girardi got technical with his God damn binder and the whole thing went to shit.  That's right, I said it.

Let me ask you something... we have the best closer in the AL and the best set up man and we have a huge opportunity to use them.  Why in the hell are we NOT? I'm not sure I will ever understand what a must win game is... because I thought today would have been a perfect example of that.  Your team is down 2-0, you come back 4-2, and then the Nats climb back. You don't think at this point you just want to bring in the big guns and finish them off? We have the talent. We have the technology... we can and should have done it. No excuses!  It was almost like Joe wanted the Yanks to get a loss so they didn't get complacent.  It was strange.

Whatever the case, in a tight game, the last thing I'm doing is bringing in Chris Capuano.  And let's take it further... I'm a lefty. I believe that lefty pitching is a unique thing... consider them specialists or even specialties.  Baseball already throws alot of right handed pitchers... when you mix in the lefty, it's good.  But here's a question.... CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY YOU BRING IN 3 LEFTIES IN A ROW? What's the logic of that?  that's NOT mixing anything up and throwing batters off balance, it's allowing hitters to get familiar quick.  Dumb, Dumb, Dumb.  Stick with the formula that works... Betances and Miller all day long.  They should have thrown today.  Betances threw 1 inning yesterday.  Miller threw 0.1... Joe just make a very stupid mistake.

I applaud Ryan today... great come back game.  

Joe Girardi gets an F... you blew it today, big time.

Final: Nationals 5 - Yankees 4

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