Sunday, April 12, 2015


We’ve all heard the expression.  “Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning.  Red sky at night, sailor’s delight.”  The nuts and bolts are if we see a red sky in the AM a storm may be brewing.  And if we see a warm, red sky at twilight the day ahead should be a great one.

As of late I am admittedly a cold shower on the warm, spring hope for the New York Yankees.  I have never been this much of a downer and for that I am truly sorry.  Maybe it’s the retirement of Yankees that are my age that bums me out.

I always had a glimmer of belief knowing Jeter was at short; Jorgie was behind the dish, Andy was in the rotation and the was Sandman waiting in the pen.  Those days are gone forever and to be honest Stephen Drew doesn’t inspire any sense of pinstriped pride.

I take Tex to the woodshed like it’s my job.  I wish it were because, “Cousin, business is a boomin’.”  I was so livid that I recently wrote a “Shock and Awe” piece addressing our all natural, gluten free joke of a clean up hitter.  But after I drank a bottle of antacid and hit the heavy bag for an hour I realized I am a storm cloud with no silver lining…but hold the phone.  Tonight’s sky is in fact warm and beautifully red.  Tomorrow will be a great day in the Bronx.

Now unfortunately, I mean tomorrow as in "the coming years."  Alas, the immediate tomorrow will be much of the same.  Over the hill, over priced contracts failing to hit and making the pitching staff wish they’d listened to their guidance counselors and spent more time on the books and less on baseball.  The Yankees are what they are.

They won’t be the worst team in the game, but they most likely won’t be the best.  I know what you’re saying, “Mikey, you can get to the good news any time now, champ.”  And so I will... 

The kids are ready to play, folks.  I have such a great, gut feeling about the Baby Bombers.  Not the guarded grin I made when hearing about Nick “The Stick” Johnson or Phil “Can’t Miss” Hughes.

No, I mean the feeling I had watching a skinny center fielder with glasses named Bernie first play.  The jolt I got seeing a kid, from Kalamazoo of all places, crush a ball out of The Jake in Cleveland.  The next crop isn’t close, they are ready to go and they are a simple phone call away.

Bird is the WORD!  Tex, you are on notice.  This kid does it all and doesn’t care that you think you are a switch hitter.  Greg wants your job.  Consider yourself WARNED!

When Dave Winfield makes a point to meet you because he’s heard things…well, Aaron Judge you have more than blipped the radar, kid.

Severino? To quote Bobby D. playing Irish mobster Jimmy Conway in “Goodfellas”, “TAH DAY! TAH DAY! TAH DAY!”  This young man is coming and soon in my opinion.  What about RR? Yes, he could use some more time learning 2nd base, but I’d keep a highlight reel of him hitting the tar out of the ball on loop in front of Stephen Drew’s locker in the Yankee clubhouse with John Williams’ JAWS theme blaring with the volume at 11!

My Nana used to say, “Mikey, smile.  This too shall pass.”  And it will Yankee fans.  We will be fine.  No.  We will be better than fine.  The New York Yankees will return…and they will be hungry.

Enjoy the calming seas, sailors.

** Cheesy, but true.  Sing IT Annie!**

--Mike O'Hara
Senior "Features" Writer
Twitter: @mikeyoh21

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