Monday, April 6, 2015


We picked up where we left off. Not scoring runs.

That was my statement to my buddy earlier today.  At the time we were down 5-0 to the Blue Jays, so it was only fitting to suggest that once again, the Yankees, with the lineup they have, can't seem the scratch runs across the plate in any capacity.  Can you explain that to me? I cannot figure it out.  We have the talent, what the hell is going on here?

Masahiro Tanaka? Well, he started out terrific, but it changed after a few misplays in the field by Chase Headley and of course, Tanaka is trying "new things" with his velocity, but Opening Day is probably not the time to do that.  I love Masahiro Tanaka, but I'm deeply concerned about this guy. 

Sure, he says he "feels good" and he probably does, but then why are you changing velocity, unless you're concerned about that elbow snapping off mid pitch. You feel me?  Trust me, I'm not buying it. Something is not right.

It didn't end there ladies and gentlemen.  You have righty Drew Hutchison on the mound today.  Put lefty Garrett Jones in the lineup.  See what he's got in his first day in the Bronx.  Sure, I know everyone wants to see ARod, but ARod isn't the draw anymore. How about we play to win?

Justin Wilson wasn't too impressive today. 3 walks given up. I'm not about to hammer him, he's new to New York. Just chalk it up as a bad outing, but I expected alittle more.

And speaking of "expecting more", I did of this whole offense.  Jacoby Ellsbury 0-4. Carlos Beltran 0-3. Mark Teixeira 0-3. Chase Headley 0-3.  These are big boppers.  They need to bop.  Alex Rodriguez had a hit today and Brett Gardner had the only run in the game... a solo shot.  We left 5 on base.

Opening Day? More like Opening Dud.  On a special day in the Bronx where Joe Torre threw out the first pitch... I'm gonna be honest... we deserved more as fans. It was like Spring Training never happened and we just ended 2014 and today was just another game.  Not impressed. 

Panic? Nope. Worried? No.  Annoyed? Hell yeah. 

Final: Blue Jays 6 - Yankees 1

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