Tuesday, April 28, 2015


It's gotta be the mustache!  That's what I was told by BYB writer Suzie Pinstripe and you know what? I believe it.  It didn't work with Joba Chamberlain.  He didn't have the confidence when he was sporting the mustache.  But Brett Gardner... with that facial hair...

Yeah, that guy is reeking confidence and that mustache is a mustache that guys like Burt Reynolds and Ron Jeremy are proud of.  Even James Brolin is enjoying this run. 

Yup... I've basically referenced every guy from the 70's in 1 full swoop.  Anyway... I'm digging the mustache, but I'm digging the Yankee win more.

Yanks won another. By the way, the Mets? They lost, 4-3 to the Marlins tonight. Just sayin'.  Chase Whitley showed up tonight for the Yanks, pitching 5 innings, giving up just 1 run.  He looked good.  The pen continued shutting down the Rays only giving up 1 other run to the Yankees 4.

The Yankee runs went like this:

In the first, Gardy grounded out and in the process, Jacoby Ellsbury scored.  Then, Brian McCann doubled and he knocked in a run.

In the 5th, 2 more runs. Brian McCann doubles again and Ellsbury and Gardy scores.

Then Chris Martin gets the save tonight... and just like that, the Yankees win and mustaches reign.

Final: Yankee 4 - Rays 2

I'm hilarious.

I hope Burt Reynolds was watching...and reading BYB. I want and autograph.


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