Sunday, March 8, 2015


BYB has been following what many are calling the "smoke around Cole Hamels" since last summer when GM Ruben Amaro, Jr. began dangling his 31-year-old ace like bait for a school of swarming fish.  Deemed by MLB Network as "the story to watch," we may be waiting a long time for the right trade to come along.

Hamels has four-years left on his contract, leaving a big window open for the Phils.  But, of course, after he had a terrific outing against the Bombers this weekend, the talks have escalated once again.  Yet, Amaro has got to be kidding me with his latest request.

According to Jon Heyman, "It is believed the Phillies might be interested in a package along the lines of Severino, Judge and perhaps infielder Ron Refsnyder for Hamels. Cashman declined to discuss names but they view Severino as their top prospect and is probably not someone they'd trade for a 30-year-old pitcher, even a great one such as Hamels. While the Yankees like Hamels, they are subject to a 50-percent tax on any new contracts since they are over the threshold again, meaning Hamels' $24-million annual pay would be $36 million for them."

Seriously?  As I said in a Tweet earlier today, "Let him go to the @RedSox; then he can keep his red accessories."  And fans are tweeting the similar thoughts.

The Boston Globe reported today that the Red Sox are in serious talks with Hamels, who would reportedly love to play again for a contender like the Sox.  He would even "welcome a deal to Boston." 

According to Heyman, "One competing executive suggested he sees the Rangers as a more likely strong pursuer of Hamels. Texas and Philly touched bases over the winter, and with Yu Darvish likely out for the year after a tear in his UCL was discovered, Rangers people are at least considering a run at Hamels. Texas has the prospects and the money (unlike the other two AL teams, there wouldn't be a tax issue for them), but like the others is seen as reluctant to part with its top prospects, including slugger Joey Gallo and catcher Jorge Alfaro."

And just throw this wrench into the discussion, Cliff Lee is complaining about a sore elbow again today, an injury that plagued him at the end of last season. According to Sporting News,  "Even if Lee's immediate problems turn out to be minor, it seems increasingly unlikely the Phillies would be able to find a taker for him. In addition to injury concerns, the 36-year-old is due $25 million this year and a $12.5 million buyout of a vesting option for 2016, assuming he doesn't accrue the 200 innings that would automatically kick in the $27.5 million option."

We will continue to keep a close eye on Hamels and surely he would add that extra something to our pitching rotation, but not at the expense of losing our biggest prospects who are our only hope for a run at the pennant amidst the mounting competition of the AL East.

--Suzie Pinstripe, BYB Senior Staff Writer

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