Sunday, March 22, 2015


Giving up 3 home runs in 2 2/3 innings isn't exactly wonderful.  If you're CC Sabathia and it happens... it's worse. It's worse for many reasons but one of them is, questions start to be raised on whether or not the guy can "do it" any longer.

Now, you can call it a fluke, Spring training, working out the kinks, all you want.  I just wonder if something else is happening with Sabathia.  I do believe however that the guy can still pitch.  His velocity is up. That's a good thing, but you never want to be giving up homers like Phil Hughes used to do.  You remember what happened to him... the fans practically shouted him out of town.

I'd love to tell you I was thrilled with today's game. I wasn't. I do still have faith in Sabathia though.  Let these problems happen now in March when it doesn't count and as a fan of the big lug, I will continue to root for the Monster as long as he doesn't give up on himself.

I'd love to give you some incredible run scoring situations with the Yankees today, but there were none.  We never scored.  And so... that's my Sunday... a whole lot of nothing and me crossing my fingers that CC can figured out why he gave up so many home runs.  Figure it out now, big guy, because if you don't... you'll end up taking the same route as Phil Hughes... no fan likes a pitcher giving up home runs in clusters... not even in the Spring.

Final: Mets 6 - Yankees 0

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