Saturday, March 14, 2015


Not sure why the snipes keep coming, but they are.

Maybe it's just poor media training, or maybe it's becoming crystal clear that David Robertson recognizes that the Yankees didn't want him back. And so, he's taking shots whenever he can.  I don't blame the guy, but to be honest, I thought David was better than that.  Who knows...

David didn't like the Yankees "clean cut policy" and made it known:

"This is nice, not to have to shave every three days. “I think it’s kind of ridiculous, but that was the Yankees’ rule. They wanted to have you clean-shaven. Here you can just let it grow."

Go for it. Let it get unruly, but the hell do I care.  I do know this, I wake up every morning and shave. Millions do. I do it because I need to look nice at my job.  If I had a beard, I'd trim it. It's just protocol. It's just common sense.  I don't make the rules, I follow them and when it comes to that, I never felt that that rule was part of a dictatorship. It's just about presentation.   Now David wants to let it all air out... good for him, but why even bother saying anything.

The Yankees clean cut rule has always been a debate.  Many fans feel like they should just end it.  Many say, "It's the playing that's important. Maybe they'd loosen up if they let their hair grow." Maybe, but I have always like the rule.  I believe that having no names on the uniforms, no beards, trimmed hair... kind of makes the team look more uniform... like 1 body of 25.  With names, with beards... there's this individual aspect to it and baseball isn't that.   Who knows... maybe that's why I like it.

David may have his opinions on the Yankees and their rules and that's fine.  But he knew exactly what he was doing calling the rule "ridiculous" in a public setting.  He was firing a warning shot... he's no longer a fan of the Yankees.

Well, maybe the Yanks aren't fans of him either. Maybe he won't be back for Old Timers Day either. We'll see.

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