Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I wanted to share something with you.  Maybe this is just funny because I'm one of those guys who remembers when MTV actually started and actually played music videos. It was there that I discovered Billy Idol.

That happened in 1981.  Just to put this bit in perspective, I was born in 1971.  Cito Culver was born in 1992.  In other words... I'm old as shit.

Anyway, I stumbled across Cito Culver's individual shot for Yankees Photo day... and he pulls off a pretty impressive Billy Idol snarl.

I mean sure, it's the Billy Idol starter set, but it's pretty good... and funny. Not sure if this is his real smile or not. Who knows? Maybe he did it to give Dante Bichettte Jr a good laugh... but that's alright with me. We like Cito.

We once interviewed Cito here on Bleeding Yankee Blue.  If you get a chance, read EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: CITO CULVER.

I should note that Culver made a tremendous play today when the Yanks played the Phillies. Cito played shortstop. Click HERE to see it.  Great play and I wish Cito nothing but success.

Hope this post finds you well bud... keep grinding.

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