Saturday, February 28, 2015


You never see him sweat.

Garrett Jones has a job with the Yankees and knows his role. But more importantly, it's about consistency and hard work and with that, he knows he'll have to never stop. He'll keep working to get at bats and keep playing time.  That's OK with him... and I'm positive about that. He loves this game and I know he's damn happy to be in New York.

Brendan Kuty of has a decent nugget about G-man.  Jones said:

"'I'm just excited to get a fresh start and get back to doing what I know I can do...'

Kuty writes:

"...perhaps more than anything, the Yankees might need Jones, a lefty swinger, to take designated hitter at bats against right-handed pitchers... If that happens, however, it will be at the expense of one of the game's greatest -- and most tainted -- players: A-Rod.

 'Yeah, I've sat back a little bit (and thought about it),' Jones said. 'We're going to be -- for at-bats -- in a competition.'    He also said he respects Rodriguez's skills: 'When he's healthy, he's one of the best.'

But, Jones said, 'in a perfect world,' both he and A-Rod are swinging the bat well and helping the Yankees win.

'That's what it comes down to,' Jones said. 'When he's getting his opportunity, he'll do his thing. And when I'm getting my opportunity, I'm going to do what I do. In a perfect world, we're both swinging the beat well and we're both in their on a regular basis.'"

This is business for Jones and it's gotta be a business. But here's what I like the most; Besides him being a hard worker, Jones doesn't see obstacles... he sees opportunity.  In a business like baseball, or even in life, you can't look at an obstacle and think, 'I can't do this'. You need to power through it.  ARod, in a sense could be considered an obstacle, or, that at least that's what Kuty wants you to believe.  But to Jones, ARod is a teammate, and to him, he knows he and ARod need to work together toward a common goal to win.

Jones has his head on straight.  I've always admired his dedication to the game in Pittsburgh and in Miami.

Kudos Jones. Bravo!  I am happy to have you in New York. Keep fighting my friend.

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