Monday, February 16, 2015


Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News just dropped this Tweet:
Now, that's not just a Tweet from Feinsand... it's a bomb, and if it's true, you will get alot of mixed feelings about what exactly the Yankees are doing retiring everyone's numbers these days.  There is likely going to be fan arguments on whose numbers deserve to be retired and whose doesn't, and trust me... I get that. 

In fact, even after we posted: NEWS OF THE RETIRING OF PETTITTE'S 46 CAME FROM HIS PROUD SON, Facebook friend Mike had something quickly to say about it:

He makes a great point, he really does.  Many fans don't see the retiring of certain guys as a good thing, but in fact, a bad thing. That's because to them, it's an opening of a can of worms. It can also be perceived as a cash grab for the Yankee wallets. Trying to cram everyone into their stadium, resell #46, #2, #20, #42 and #51 to profit more on these fine players and they ultimately will increase ticket sales this season.  Other fans, may just love the idea. But the debate comes when the Yankees decide to put questionable players' numbers into retirement.  Willie Randolph? Wade BoggsDavid Cone? How about Mike Mussina?  In other words, the debate is coming and if that Feinsand source is true, it will be fierce.

Look, I'm a Posada guy personally, and for the Core Four, the Fab 5, which includes Bernie, maybe they should all be in there, almost like a new generation of champions like Mickey and Whitey before them... but it DOES start to get hairy... no question about it.

We'll have more on this Feinsand Tweet once we figure out if it's true... stay tuned.

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