Thursday, February 5, 2015


When Clay Rapada sent me a note, I was on my way to grab lunch with my son today.  I pulled him out of school to have lunch, something that you're allowed to do at his school from time to time.  Needless to say, it was a good day and a nice treat and then I received more good news.... Clay Rapada just signed on for a gig. He was getting back to baseball! I tweeted the news fast!
I am happy to report that my friend, Clay Rapada has signed a minor league deal with the San Francisco Giants.  I have been a fan of Clay's since days in Detroit. 

I was psyched when he became a New York Yankee and since then, we carry on a casual ball busting of #RapadaFoodWars where we tweet each other what we're eating at whatever moment that is.  This is Clay's last food Tweet to me:
I love food, what can I say. So does he.  I also love that Clay chose me and Bleeding Yankee Blue to break the news that he signed a minor league deal with the San Francisco Giants.  Right now writers in baseball are puzzled, "Who's this nerd who's breaking Clay Rapada news? We can't take him seriously!"  Well, you can... and you should. And more importantly... I really don't care. When it hits the wires, lets see how quickly the "baseball insiders" credit me.  They won't.  That's because they were owned at their own gig.  Whatever the case, I don't care... Clay was nice enough to tell me the news exclusively... and now I'm telling you.

Rapada's a fierce competitor, a hardworking southpaw with a ton of heart and a terrific presence in the clubhouse.  Plus, the guy's my friend, and I couldn't be prouder for the guy.
Good work Clay... Best of luck in your 14th season.  Go get'em pal!

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