Monday, January 5, 2015


There are many ways to hint about teams interested in a player other than using the term: "checking in".  Recently, you read on Bleeding Yankee Blue that the ORIOLES ARE STILL CREEPING AROUND ICHIRO...

"Creeping around" is a good one. We could have also said they were "kicking the tires" on him.  Maybe the Orioles were "massaging the shoulders" of Ichiro.  I could go on and on... you get the picture.  OK, that's that bit... anyway...

Now it seems as though the Florida Marlins are interested in possibly signing Ichiro.  Good for them... good for any team who wants Ichiro.  He's a catch, I don't care what anyone says, he can still play.

According to Clark Spencer, the Marlins are interested:
Now we have alittle competition here.  Will it be the Orioles or will it be the Marlins or another team?

The message is clear.  Teams interested in Ichiro only want him in a backup outfielder capacity, which brings me back to 1 question... then why NOT the Yankees?

We'll let you know what happens with Ichiro, if and when something happens. Keep checking on BYB.

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