Thursday, January 8, 2015


The story of Ty Hensley getting attacked is truly disturbing. As turns out it, the attack was about money.  Not money like, "Hey, I'm robbing you, give me your money!" It was about Ty Hensley, being respectful to the team that signed him, and being respectful to himself and his family and not revealing how much money he received in his signing bonus by the New York Yankees.   That's a class act. Kudos my friend.

According to the New York Daily News:

"Hensley had been hanging out a bar when one buddy asked him to join him at a wee-hours gathering at a friend’s place, according to court documents. Diesselhorst said the pitcher did not know his alleged assailant until they met a mutual acquaintance’s home in the Village, an Okahoma City suburb.

Witnesses told police they heard Hensley and Morales arguing about the amount of money athletes receive for signing with professional teams, the court papers said.

Diesslehorst said the attack occured after Hensley refused to tell Morales how much he received as a signing bonus after the Yankees selected him with the 30th pick of the 2012 draft.

Morales allegedly struck Hensley in the face, knocking him to the ground. The witnesses told police they saw Morales kick Hensley in the face before he fled from the house."

Jacob Diesselhorst is Ty's attorney.

If you didn't have respect for Ty Hensley before, you have to now.  There is one thing I learned at a young age from my family.  Never talk about money to anyone.  It's just a life lesson.  If you never heard that before, write it down. It's an important one.

Now, I'm not sure what fueled Morales's rage, but it's crystal clear to me that there are more crazy things going on inside his head than keeping him on the straight and narrow. It appears to be an entitlement or jealously thing... something like that. I'm no shrink, I'm speculating here.  I just don't like the way this story played out.  Call me biased because of my friendship with the Hensleys... go ahead, but you need to be some type of creep to go after a person because they don't want to discuss a signing bonus.

(In Photo: Anthony Morales)
By the way, this is the creep above.  Morales reportedly signed with the Carolina Panthers, there are other reports that suggest he was cut.  Here's an idea... if he is with the Panthers, they should seriously consider not bringing him aboard.


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