Saturday, December 13, 2014


Look, this post is short and sweet and to the point.  I'm not an Alex Rodriguez supporter, but I will defend the guy when he gets ridiculous headlines like this:

A-Rod not at spring training weight

Now, at first glance, you think the story is from ESPN. It's not. The story came from the Associated Press.  The HEADLINE... that's manufactured by ESPN. Doesn't surprise me. Any way to pile on ARod... ESPN will do it.  But here's the reality; Last time I checked, it was December 13th. The reason why I know that is because there are Christmas decorations all over the place, and I gained a few pounds since Thanksgiving. It's the holiday season after all, everybody has.

My point is, what the hell does it matter that ARod isn't at Spring Training weight now? He'll be in "the best shape of his life" by Spring. No question. I mean, this is a guy that sun bathes in Central park... kisses himself in the mirror. Loves himself and his own body, an ego maniac... plus, he has something to prove to everyone in New York.  Do you really think the dude's gonna let himself go?

Here are more reports, you know, headlines that make you want to click:  For Yankees' Alex Rodriguez, weight is an issue  Yankees GM Brian Cashman: Alex Rodriguez needs to lose weight

For any Yankee fan, love Alex or hate him, you have the desire to see more.  Anyway... here's a portion of the AP report:  

"Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said Matthew Krause, the team's strength and conditioning coordinator, visited A-Rod on Wednesday in Miami... Krause was hired by the Yankees a year ago, and Cashman said he's starting to build a relationship with the three-time American League MVP.
'He assessed him maybe a month ago, maybe a little bit longer, and he assessed him now,' Cashman said. 'He's working hard. Obviously, he's continuing to get ready for spring training. He's moving in the right direction.'"

In's report, they wrote this:

"Yankees general manager Brian Cashman told reporters Wednesday that Alex Rodriguez needs to lose some weight before the start of spring training."

I mean, no kidding.

Give the guy 2 months... seriously.  While many may not like ARod, he is our 3rd baseman.  Let him fight for his spot.  Trust me... the dude won't be overweight when the time comes.  This is just a way to get reads, and I feel into ESPN's trap!

(Waving my fist)... DAMN YOU ESPN!!!!

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  1. Go ask any player if they in "Spring Training" condition...


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