Sunday, December 14, 2014


Yankee fans, we have a serious problem and it’s not just that Tex is still on the roster…and hopeless. No, our problem is we continue to look for a team that simply doesn’t exist any longer. It is a harsh fact of life, and it would appear that we, tragically, are the only ones who fail to see it. The Yankees aren’t the place to be anymore. The shine and new car smell have dissipated…and everyone now sees that the Yanks are just another club.

The most staggering thing to realize is that players around the league now firmly KNOW what we continue to deny. They don’t mind leaving the team (Robbie, DRob…). They are OK with passing up an offer of pinstriped dollars. The players aren’t dazzled by our new stadium, folks. They all grew up watching Mo, Jorgie, Andy and Jeter…and the are aware, very aware, that they won’t get to suit up with those Yankees if they sign in the Bronx. Instead they will get to answer ARod questions and watch “Foul Territory”. Can you blame them for passing?

Even the ownership is a non-factor. The Yankees once had the greatest owner/personality in sports…Hal? Well, not so much.

I’ve seen all the tweets and read the articles and blogs. “Why didn’t we get…” “What is Cashman doing?!” “I can’t believe he left town!”  Well, believe it. The Yankees painted themselves into this corner. They money is locked up in has been players and the farm is still years away from a crop. The Yankees might not just miss the playoffs in 2015, they may actually have a losing season…no, and I won’t calm down. I’m already calm…and just disappointed. These Yankees we’ll make the bandwagon a bit lighter, like in the mid 80’s when I saw friends suddenly wearing light blue caps with and orange N Y on them.

The team we think we have is gone. We, and more importantly the Yankees, should start accepting it and begin the rebuild now.


 --Mike O'Hara
Senior "Features" Writer
Twitter: @mikeyoh21

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