Tuesday, December 2, 2014


I have a question... why go for Craig Kimbrel when you can just re-sign DRob?

Not to beat the DRob drum to death, but the guy was solid for the Yanks last season. Meanwhile there is a ton of chatter that suggests that the Yankees are looking at Atlanta Braves closer Craig Kimbrel.

 George King III writes:

"Unless the Braves go into a total rebuild mode, and they could, the chances Atlanta would deal Craig Kimbrel, considered by many the best closer in the game, are slim. The 26-year-old right-hander has led the NL in saves the past four seasons, and was an All-Star each year. With $34 million due across the next three seasons, he is affordable considering what Robertson, who has closed one year, is asking. This past season Kimbrel converted 47-of-51 save chances."

Now you may say to me, "Well, after reading that, I'm sold. Get Kimbrel." Well, something sticks in the back of my mind throughout all of this... loyalty.

I know, loyalty goes out the window in baseball, it's a business after all.  This is true, but DRob came up through our system and when he was handed the ball to close, he did and he did a good job.  That should count for something.  Bottom line, we have a 3 year deal on the table for DRob... but we have the money for 4 years. You know it and I know it.

Stop crapping around Hal... pay the man. Bring DRob back. Sure, Kimbrel is your backup plan, but it doesn't seem to be a plan at all.  It just seems to be a bluff. Kimbrel's not leaving Atlanta, he's too valuable there. But if you don't move quickly... DRob could definitely leave the Bronx.

Wake up.

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