Monday, December 1, 2014


Yankee ownership is playing with fire here. They are sitting at the blackjack table with a hand of 12 while the dealer has 20. They aren't playing with a full deck here and if they are going to call poker face they could be very wrong.

This is not a game....this is bad strategy!

I was literally cooking dinner tonight and as I was waiting for my meatloaf to cook in the oven I decided to fire up the laptop and scour all of my favorite websites to see what new rumors were on the Hot Stove. I'm reading all of this hype about Andrew Miller and how he is supposedly in talks with 8-10 teams on a deal. Good for him!

Hey, if you are non-closing reliever with stats like that then go out there and wheel and deal....but again I stress NON-CLOSING reliever. This guy is supposedly seeking a 4-year deal with money that could blow Jeremy Affeldt's deal out of the water. Then I am reading more and more about how the Yankees are "seriously considering" him.

Meanwhile, the Yankees are hesitant to give David Robertson a 4 year deal. I'm sorry....but COME AGAIN?! I literally picked up my phone and texted this to Casey:

"OK, if the Yankees go 4 years on Miller but not on DRob. I am going to lose my shit! You will hear me screaming from almost 3000 miles away and I will rant and rave until Hal himself hears me!"

And I am not kidding! Look, no disrespect to Miller. He has some amazing stats BUT he is not a closer! He is a reliever.
  1. The Yankees need a closer
  2. The Yankees have a great set-up man named Dellin Betances 
  3. Robertson saved 39 games last year behind a sub-par Yankee offense! He stepped in to a high pressure situation after Mariano Rivera retired and did a great job.

How does this man not deserve a 4 year deal? Look, Robertson is not a health risk to us. He has been very durable throughout the years, and he is YOUNG. He is in his prime. He will turn 30 next season. A great closer is important in baseball. I know some that disagree, but if that is the case how do you explain the importance to Mariano Rivera to the Yankees?

Do I have a hard time believing that the Yankees will let Robertson go because he wants an extra year only to sign Miller? Yes. I do. I can absolutely see the Yankees applying pressure in the hopes to get Robertson sign a deal that is for fewer years. However, if they press too hard their plan may backfire. There are other teams out there that are interested in Robertson. The Yankees need to start focusing on taking care of their own! A four year deal is not unreasonable. What is unreasonable, is rolling the dice and letting him walk and then trying to trade for a closer or signing Miller for a similar contract.

I just don't understand where ownership's head is at right now. If the Yankees don't resign Robertson they are going to have another area to address on top of an already lengthy list. Stop the bleeding please....sign DRob so we can finally add some bats and a starting pitcher!

Bottom line here, Yankees. Your poker face isn't very good. The fans want Robertson back and guess what....he wants to come back, too. Stop wasting time and get it done before it is too late!

 --Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ  

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