Monday, December 8, 2014


The guy makes his living on whispers... he's the last guy that should be using the word "evidence".
I found this Tweet funny. He's debunking ESPN and their Crasnick's tweet about Jon Lester. While many Yankee fans know the Yanks are probably not in on Lester, we are holding out hope that the little Crasnick nugget from just a few moments ago could be something interesting for us fans when we wake up tomorrow.
Heyman could have easily said, "ESPN is running with this story about Lester and the Yanks. CBS Sports is not."  It's simple. Everyone has sources, everyone has contacts.  Crasnick probably isn't wrong, he's different. In fact, if you look at Crasnick's tweet, he doesn't actually say much.

This is the rumor season.  It's silly, it's sometimes nasty, but it's always fun.  Oh yeah... and it's also based on rumor... not evidence, Jon. You know that better than anyone.

Relax... it's baseball, not brain surgery.

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