Sunday, December 7, 2014


Quick note... and I'm not reading much into it, but it's important just the same and something to think about. I say "think" loosely.

Look, I have been a strong supporter of 2 lefties in the Yankees Starting rotation. That's why this "rumor" is interesting.  CJ Wilson is being shopped by the Angels... allegedly.

According to Jon Heyman of

"Angels left-hander C.J. Wilson is available in trade, rival GMs say, causing some to wonder whether they might be trying to set things up for a big run at a bigger pitcher, either via free agency (Max Scherzer, James Shields) or trade."

Now let's be fair.  Heyman's the king of "people familiar with the situation".  Now, suddenly, it's not the Angels saying they're shopping Wilson at all.  It's "rival GMs." Really?

Heyman goes on: "Wilson seemed to lose favor from some quarters of the organization when he capped a poor second half by allowing three first-inning runs in the decisive Game 3 ALDS loss to he Royals, and it wasn't a good sign of faith when legendary Angels manager Mike Scioscia removed him after only 2/3 of an inning in the biggest game of the year."

I remember that.  Look, here's the thing; On the surface, I'm in... just because I appreciate what Wilson offers every time he's out there, and that he's a lefty. But based on this article by Heyman,  I'm not so sure CJ Wilson is actually available.  Why give away a decent starter... AND a lefty, for a new free agent?  Once again, I'm suspicious of "baseball insiders". Write that down.

Look, the big fish starter free agents out there are Jon Lester and Max Scherzer and there have been whiffs of the Yankees sniffing around their hydrants.  CJ would be a trade.  The others would be a free agent signing, dumping big money and a lot of years into a guy.

Anyway... now I'm rambling. I just found it interesting.  Just another name to think about.  Whether there's legs to the Wilson stuff or not, we'll soon find out I guess.

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