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I have no beef with David Lariviere of Forbes.  In fact, I don't even know the guy.  I'm deeply confused by his story though.  It's about Alex Rodriguez and of course, when I see the name, that peaks my interest.  Usually it's a post blasting him, or defending him in some demented way.  But it was none of that. 

Laeiviere's article was titled Yankees Appear Ready To Release Alex Rodriguez By Memorial Day. I thought, "Clearly he writes for Forbes. The guy's got some clout." Then I read the article, and realized in it's closing... "I want my freaking money back!"

Lariviere fooled me, and probably you with that headline.  For Forbes to put their name on it, makes them equally irresponsible.  What were they thinking? There isn't anything in this article at all that steers the reader in the direction that the Yankees are dumping ARod by Memorial day. It's a weak speculation.  No background, no nothing.  Again... I felt robbed.

Here's what David wrote...

"With every move they have made this offseason it’s clear the New York Yankees are preparing for the early jettison of Alex Rodriguez from their roster in 2015. The signing of Chase Headley to a four-year contract left him without a position in the field and the acquisition of lefty slugger Garrett Jones as a possible DH Friday further takes away potential at-bats for A-Rod."

OK.  It's a guess... maybe even a "squeeze" like I speculated a few days ago in THE AROD SQUEEZE.  Here's the difference. It was clear that my piece was speculation.  There is nothing to suggest that sort of thing in Lariviere's piece.  Here's more...

"It makes you wonder if the Yankees really expect – or want – Rodriguez, who’ll turn 40 in July, to play for them at all. It’s almost as if they are giving him a good-faith gesture in allowing him an opportunity to show he can still hit after a year-long suspension for PEDs. However, if he’s hitting .220 with a homer and 10 RBI in the middle of May, the real plan is to hand him his walking papers by Memorial Day and eat the remaining $60 million or so on his contract which runs through 2017."

Wait. What?? EAT $60 MILLION? Really? The Yankees, who are hanging onto every dollar these days, not willing to spend on top pitcher Max Scherzer, are just gonna EAT $60 MILLION?  Based on what, that ARod has an imaginary .220 average and 1 home run? I don't get it. I mean, I REALLY DON'T GET IT?

As you know, I'm no ARod fan, but I have written extensively on ARod, the Yankees and common sense when it comes to the guy.  I feel like he was unfairly treated for his actions involving PEDs when others skated.  That's based on opinion.  I've written that being an ARod fan shouldn't be a crime and I also believe that if the Yankees could get back something, ANYTHING on their ARod investment, at least they can say they tried.  For the record, I think Alex will contribute alittle bit better than 1 homerun by May, but that's just me.  We're talking about an ego driven ballplayer who wants to prove to the world that he can do it.  I have a sneaking suspicion he'll be OK.

But dumping ARod and EATING $60 million dollars doesn't even make good business sense. I would have made more sense to dump Carl Pavano in his 3rd year than Alex at this point. 

Bottom line, I try to read everything and I try to keep an opened mind, but this Forbes piece misses the mark and was literally empty.  Trust me, if the Yankees did dump Alex, I'm sure it would be helpful in many ways, but as Steve Skinner wrote in FINALLY, THE YANKEES MADE A MOVE FOR NOW & THE FUTURE, "Garrett Jones is an insurance policy.  The 33-year-old is primarily a first baseman, but also has experience in the outfield.  He has decent power (he has hit 15 or more HR in six straight seasons) and carries a career average of .253. "  

Slightly different from Lariviere's piece, huh? He suggests Jones would take at bats away from Alex.  We're suggesting Jones insurance.  Much smarter hypothesis. Why? Because the Yanks have a helluva lot of money tied up in Carlos and ARod. Quite simply, they'll get at-bats first. I have a strange feeling that Jones will get less at bats than Beltran, and less than ARod too.  That's my opinion of course... see what I did there?

All I'm saying is there's a whole lot of guesses going on, and no way for the reader to truly grasp what the real story is in that Forbes magazine piece.  If you're going to headline titled: Yankees Appear Ready To Release Alex Rodriguez By Memorial Day, you better have the plan mapped out rather than leave the reader with nothing, don't you think?

Look, BYB is not the all mighty. We do however try to bring you honest and fair information.  And yes, we also like to give opinion... but when we do, we walk you through it...

We will NOT leave you hanging.

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