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I remember getting in trouble in school for a bevy of different reasons. I was the class clown and found more benefit in making my classmates laugh than buckling down and hitting the books. If I wasn’t acting up in class, I was using the lunch cart (a relic of Catholic school education, where 8th graders were charged with delivering milk and other items to the 1st & 2nd grade classes) as a bobsled. My principle, the late, great Sister Helen Donovan was truly a tyrant (but a lovable one to be fair). She ruled the school with an iron fist and a thick Bostonian accent. I became used to hearing, “Mr. O’Haaarah! Get in my awfice immediately! I’m nawt having this any lawgah!!”

I recall one early November morning. I was doing a 20-minute set in my 2nd period History class…much to the dismay of my teacher, but to the delight of my friends. Said teacher warned me once and then quietly exited the room. A few minutes later she reappeared with Sister Helen close behind. It was the proverbial last straw. I was taken to the office, my parents were called and I was sent home…yep, I was in for it. I learned that night that not only was I grounded (which didn’t scare me, I’d done time before), but I was also off the school’s basketball team for the season…that one hurt.

A few weeks into my punishment I was watching a St. John’s game with my Dad. I quietly said, “Wish I was playing this season.” My Pop took a minute, looked at me, scoffed and snapped a “You made your bed on this one, pal.” I’ll never forget that and how it made me feel. He was right and I knew it. This was my fault and to quote Philadelphia’s hard punching Southpaw Rocky Balboa, “You wanna dance, you gotta pay the band. You wanna borrow, you gotta pay the man.” I had to own up to it and take my medicine.

Now you’re probably saying, “Mikey, thanks for the walk down Memory Lane, but where are you going with this?” Well, it’s time, in my opinion, for the New York Yankees to take their medicine…and it’s going to sting…a lot.

The 2015 season will bring the RETURN OF AROD! Queue up the ominous music! But here’s the thing…why? Yes, the Bombers owe Alex a big bag of money, but that shouldn’t stop them from doing what the now have to do if you ask me…cut ties with the toxic 3rd baseman. Don’t misunderstand me. I don’t feel ARod is the worst person on the planet. He’s just worn out his welcome in the game and he should go. Let’s be realistic here.

Al has TWO, count ‘em TWO bad hips. He isn’t going to be playing the hot corner, gang. That’s a pipe dream. He missed all of last year and prior to that couldn’t catch up to much over 90mph…and forget hitting righties. And this playing first idea…well, if you buy that I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you.

The Yankees are going to have all kinds of issues next year. The rotation will be held together with spit and tape wondering when CC’s knee goes or if Tanaka’s elbow pops like a piƱata. Nova comes back in April/May…possibly. And as of now the powers that be say that are not in on Lester or Mad Max. Do we really need ARod’s nonsense?

Even if he is on his best behavior the act is tired. I am all for signing Chase NOW! Yeah, there are those who say, “Why? Headley isn’t that good!” Well he is a gamer, great in the clubhouse and remember signing a Scotty B the year after he hit .207 in Oakland? Yeah, Chase could be better than that…much better. He locks down that side of the infield defensively and has some pop.

Is 60 million a lot to eat? ABSOLUTELY!! But whose fault is that? It’s the YANKEES fault!! The Yanks have always been able to gobble up bad contracts and move on without a hitch…not this time…this isn’t Carl Pavano, this is ARod. They will try to find a way out. They will look for that loophole to cut him and save the cash. They will come up empty and they shouldn’t waste any more time.

The Yankees should KNOW they are royally screwed on this one and head back to square one. They should start the rebuild now. Don’t follow up the Rivera and Jeter send offs with the return of ARod. Get younger! Be smarter! Build a new Yankee team with the model that brought them the Dynasty Years!!

Everyone needs to be accountable in my opinion, me, you, Alex Rodriguez and the New York Yankees. They aren’t exempt, ladies and gentlemen. They purchased this guy…and all the crap that comes with him. If they truly want to fix the problem they should tell Alex that it’s time to say goodbye, take their medicine and be better next time. Learn from this mistake, Yanks. Take it on the chin, get up and march on. You can’t put a new coat of paint on this disastrous situation and say it’s all better. It’s not, it won’t be. It’s time to serve your punishment.

** In honor of the wonderful, Bostonian Nun who made me learn a tough lesson and to an organization who needs to learn their own…here are my pals The Mighty Mighty BossTones with Holy Smoke.**

 --Mike O'Hara
Senior "Features" Writer
Twitter: @mikeyoh21

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