Tuesday, November 11, 2014


The New York Yankees have a guy that is forever tainted in the baseball world and they aren't happy about it.  Alex Rodriguez is owed $61 million dollars over the next few years.  The likelihood of him being released and the Yankees eating that money is ridiculous.   The Yankees have shown face and suggested that ARod is a member of the team and they expect him to contribute.  That is nothing new...

What is new however, is the way the Yankees have suddenly changed their tune ever so slightly, ever since the new ARod info about he and his cousin surfaced. Oh yeah... and that stuff about him admitted to using PEDs? That my friends is significant as well.  At this point,whether it's true or even false, it really no longer matters.  The Yankees are fed up... and they should be.

Think about it;  Alex Rodriguez had gone from "being our starting third baseman" just a few short weeks ago, to reports of the Yankees are making Chase Headley a "priority" signing this off season and suddenly there are even reports that ARod is not going to be the Yankees 3rd baseman at all in 2015.

Brian Cashman has now spoken and to many ARod haters... it's gospel. Wally Matthews of  ESPN says Cashman wants ARod to "earn his spot."

Wally writes:

"Topic No. 1 with the New York Yankees GM was a player who hasn't played in nearly a year and a half, and if I have to tell you who that is, you're reading the wrong blog.

'In fairness to us and in fairness to Alex, I don't know what to expect because it’s been a year,' Cashman said Tuesday in Phoenix. 'I just don’t know. You hope that he can contribute in a significant way, but we’ll have to wait and see how that plays out. In the meantime, I have to look for whatever ways to improve the club and discuss those with ownership, what manifests itself as being available and acquirable, we’ll see... If I signed or traded for a third baseman, then that would be my third baseman,' Cashman said. 

'If I signed a Chase Headley, he would be the starting third baseman. If I traded for a third baseman that was an everyday guy, that would be the move I would be making. If I did that. But I'm not here to state that the Yankees have their definitive third baseman for 2015. I have not done anything like that.'"

That simply means that they are setting themselves up. ARod will NOT be the Yankees third baseman.  Even if he can play the position, forget it. It's ain't happening. It's powerful stuff. Honesty. It's subtle, yet direct. Very direct.

Then of course you have "good cop." That's Joe.  Joe Girardi says, also according to ESPN, that he is excited about ARod's return:

"Joe Girardi is regularly phoning, texting and emailing with Alex Rodriguez, and that has left the Yankees manager excited about the third baseman's comeback. 'I am,' said Girardi...'We live in a forgiving world in the sports world... It is something we live in. His job, his main concern, just has to be getting prepared to play and just doing his job. That's what he needs to do.'"

Now, one would think that Joe and Brian aren't on the same page. Some would think that was major screw up in the Yankee camp. Nope. It was designed this way on purpose.  It's like Bruce Lee in a room of mirrors...  it's meant to confuse us fans. The Yankees don't want to give us too much. They just want us to see that "ARod's a member of the club, and we're trying to do things this off-season." Notice no one has talked poorly about Alex. Notice no one has praised the guy either. Notice it's just enough info for the fan to read.  Notice... it's a shell game...

And this is the way it will be from this point forward.  Sure, ARod is a New York Yankee, but now ARod is no longer that amazing power hitter that the Yankees signed in 2004 to be the future All-Time Home run king. He won't lead this club. He won't be a starter.  The Yankees will in fact use his bat in hopes he can get the Yanks some runs, but he's no longer a Yankee "leader." Instead, he's not even a backup third baseman anymore.  Alex Rodriguez is going to have to earn his spot.   Just like an average player trying to make it. Just like the Baby Bombers would.  Just like a call-up player or a newly traded guy.  ARod is just another player these days.  Except he's managed to tick off the Yankees big time... for the last time!

And it's my opinion that if they can't dump him or even trade him away, they will at least make it tough for Alex... the same way he's been making it tough on the Yankees all these years.  It's payback... and it's a bitch. The Yankees are squeezing him, whether you believe it or not.

ARod drama... it wouldn't be baseball without it.

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