Wednesday, October 1, 2014


With the Yankees season coming to a close, Hal Steinbrenner got on YES with Michael Kay to discuss the 2014 season, and everything we can expect in the future. He gave free reign to ask anything, and even issued an apology to the fans for the season. Here are some noticeable quotes from that interview:

"I apologize. We did not do the job this year. We know what you expect of us and we expect the same thing of ourselves..."

"I don't think it is a news flash that I am different than George in a lot of ways. He was better in many things than me, but I do tend to be a little less rash when it comes to firing people. I want to make sure that what went wrong was for a reason. It was wrong because of that one individual or two individuals or whatever, I will get through that process before anything like that as opposed to any kind of knee jerk reactions." 

Also when asked if he held Brian Cashman responsible for the signing this past off season he said "I would hold me responsible. I approved every one of these signings." I like that. I appreciate that he took responsibility for the signings this off season. People often yell to fire Cashman, and forget he has to answer to someone.

We've all said that Hal is not his father. And hey, I appreciate his honesty and candor. I'm very analytical, and it seems that Hal is too. He is taking a realistic approach to what happened this season, and is saying that he is going to be logical in how to approach next season. We all loved George for his passion, but Hal is right. With a season like the one we've just had, we don't need a knew jerk reaction. We need logical, well thought out choices for the teams future. Let's not forget that New York did not always love the Boss. For us, the fans, it's so easy to be driven by the passion. Allowing our same passion to make choices on the management level just doesn't work. I mean, it was passion that nearly got Mariano Rivera traded away all those years ago. THAT would have been simply awful!

Anyway, you can listen to the entire interview on YES. Click the link. And give Hal a chance, guys! He says somethings worth listening to.

--Erica Morales BYB Senior Writer 
Twitter: @e_morales1804


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