Friday, October 3, 2014


We here at Bleeding Yankee Blue do not pry into people's personal lives. The Captain is someone we leave alone as well. So, when I titled this story using the word REPORT, that is exactly what it is. Use caution.

Someone on Twitter asked me if the Captain was getting married. There was a report floating out there that he was, and they wanted me to comment.  Now, I was flattered, but I'm a fan just like you guys, remember?

I didn't give him a straight answer, because, it's not my business. I am stating here very simply, whatever happens, happens

According to CBS, who took it from TMZ, somethings going on... maybe:

"Is Derek Jeter planning a secret wedding on Long Island? The former Yankees shortstop will be the guest of honor at a hush-hush affair at Huntington’s Oheka Castle this weekend, according to And the website says there are two possibilities: a retirement party or, yep, an exchange of vows with swimsuit model girlfriend Hannah Davis.  There’s a 'buzz' that baseball’s most famous bachelor will be off the market for good by Monday, TMZ reported. But the site acknowledged not all of its sources believed the bash — with 'several high-end party vendors' at the ready — was wedding-related."

That is all BYB is saying about it until it's a done deal...or isn't.

Again... whatever happens, we wish the Captain well. We just want the guy happy.

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  1. Totally agree!! We fans want the best for Jeter, & respect his privacy. Nice article!


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