Friday, October 10, 2014


I have a friend named Natalia and I want to help her. After all, Natalia is a huge Yankee fan, and a big time Bleeding Yankee Blue reader!  She also happens to be an unofficial BYB contributor and over the past few years she has supplied us with a series of "Yankee Cats".  Read HAVE YOU SEEN JETER THE CAT YET? for more.

Well, because she's helped me, I'm going to help her.

The link you see below is a survey.  It's a survey for a School project she's working on in reference to Consumer Pizza Purchase Methods.  She needs people to take the survey.  I told her I would try to help her by asking the Bleeding Yankee Blue audience check out and take it.  It's real quick and I personally would appreciate you guys looking at it.  Thanks.

 Here it is:

Don't get scared. It's a legit survey.

I know.  This post doesn't have anything to do with the Yankees.  Well, it has something to do with helping out a friend.  Take a moment and help out a fellow Yankee fan.  We're a fan site, for the fans. We're also family. 

That's BYB... thanks for your help.

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