Tuesday, September 9, 2014


There's a ridiculous story circulating around the Internet about fans being "outraged" that Andy Pettitte wasn't in attendance for the Derek Jeter ceremony Sunday.   I had to laugh, because it's a clear indication about just how peculiar the news cycle has become. This is a non-story.

Anyone a parent out there? Anyone understand the bond between Derek Jeter and Andy Pettitte in the 20+ years they've known each other? Does anyone know why Andy Pettitte WASN'T in attendance this past Sunday? Because I do. He was with his son, Elk hunting in a trip that was booked way before anyone in the Yankees organization ever uttered the words "Derek Jeter Day."
Let me tell you something; Friends understand friends, and to be honest, if a fan is TRULY upset that Andy Pettitte wasn't at Jeter Day because he was with his son, you're sad.  I've missed friends weddings because of baseball tournaments for my son.  You know what? It's understood. Life happens. Get over yourself.

That's why Bleeding Yankee Blue exists these days. Sure, we love our club, but we're about family. My writers have families.  We have lives outside of these pages.  If a family situation comes up, I'm notified.  You know what I tell my writers? "Take care of it. Come back when you are under control."  Why do I say that?

Because family comes first, and family should always come first.  Sure, I'm sure if Andy sat down with Josh Pettitte and said "Look kid, I gotta get to New York for the Jeter ceremony," I am pretty positive Josh Pettitte would be disappointed, but would say, "You know what dad? You're part of the legacy, I get it. Go." But Andy Pettitte is a man. He's a damn good father and that conversation never happened. You wanna know why? BECAUSE FAMILY COMES FIRST. You know who knows that? Derek Jeter.

Stop the nonsense.  You don't think Andy had a heart to heart with Derek Jeter? Of course they spoke, it's not like Andy was just a "no-show" and no know knew about why.

Look, we're all Yankee fans.  We're all die-hards, but let's be honest, we all have a lot going on in life.  Well, so does Andy Pettitte and you know what? I applaud him for going Elk hunting with Josh.  It's freaking awesome actually.  And to the fans that just don't get it... well, I guess you never will.  No biggie, but my reasoning is simple... Family first... at BYB... and in your life.

Write that down.

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