Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Shane Greene looked good, but part of the problem with the Yankees offense is helping the pitching stay in the game.  Many times, only 4 runs against them still makes it impossible for us to win. That's exactly what happened last night.  We, for some strange reason are only looking at the fence, I guess for a home run or something. Or, maybe we fans were just over sold on the team we had going into 2014.  Yes, I'm being critical.  You realize why I am, right? We don't score runs!  We rarely score 5 a game and hell, we never score 6.  Papa John's was smart to hold that special of 6 runs and half-off your next order there... that's because the Yankees don't score 6... it seems like EVER.

2 runs for us last night. Just 5 hits.  OH... and 5 errors.  FIVE. This is the sign of a championship team? I think not.  We look miserable.

Greene went 5.2 innings last night and gave up 4 runs.  That was followed by the three stooges, and I say that affectionately, Matt Thornton, Adam Warren and David Huff.  Now they held the Rangers down which was great, but those 4 runs off Greene were enough.

The Yankees run scoring, or lack there of, went like this:

In the bottom of the first, Carlos Beltran sacrificed home Derek Jeter. In the 4th, Jacoby Ellsbury homered... a solo shot.

Blah, blah, blah.... Sorry, but as a fan, I want more!  We deserve more... these are the Yankees for Christ's sake.

Final: Rangers 4 - Yankees 2

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