Saturday, July 5, 2014


How does a club make a nice run 2 days in a row... and then go back into their old ways of lack of run scoring and lack of confidence.  The Yankees are the most frustrating ball club of 2014, no question. Write that down...

Today, the Yankees scored 1 single run the whole game against the Twins.  I'm sorry if I thought they'd have more in the tank. I'm sorry if I thought for a second, the Yankees could sweep the Twins so far in this series.  Damn.

First off... David Phelps was strong and he appears stronger and more confident each time out there.  Today the Yankees needed to give him run support... and just couldn't.  It was sad actually.  Phelps went 7 innings, giving up only 3 hits and 1 run.

The other run was given up when Matt Thornton was on the mound.  There was a ridiculous throwing error by Francisco Cervelli.  Thornton got the loss after that. That's no way to lose a game.

The Yankees had 7 hits today. Respectable. But, the only run came when Cisco singled and knocked in Ichiro Suzuki.  It was then tied up 1-1 when the Twins scored in the 7th.  Then, in the 12th, that throwing error happened... the Twins scored on a walk off... and all was right in Minnesota. Not so much in Yankeeland.

I'm disappointed in my Yankees and I know you are too.  There appears to be no momentum.  We need to keep it consistent guys... and when I say consistency... I don't mean consistently losing.

Final: Twins 2 - Yankees 1

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