Friday, July 18, 2014


I was welcomed back to SportsTown Chicago's Fahey & Chivari Show and I always love talking to Ryan and Paul.  They are great dudes and great professionals. They handle me with care.

We spoke mostly about Derek Jeter, in between my poor phone reception in Manhattan. Bummer, but truth be told, I was able to recover, get to a good spot and the boys were patient with my phone problems.

I wanted to share the broadcast with my BYB audience if you wanted to hear it. Just click HERE for the 19 minute spot.  We had a lot of laughs.

They asked me about my favorite moment in Jeter history, and to me, I think it has to be Derek Jeter's home run in Game 4 of the 2001 World Series.  I remember him pumping his fist as he homered at Yankee Stadium. It was a walk off in the 10th, and it was the greatest moment for me, for New York and for the nation after 9/11.  This is what I said today on Fahey & Chivari:

"For me personally, 2001, when 9/11 happened, and we were all here. It was a real low point and we needed a boost and to see the dramatics of that 2001 team, even though we didn't win the whole God.  They were doing things... hitting home runs... you were sitting there on a couch in Manhattan  late at night thinking to yourself, 'my God. They're gonna do it!  They're gonna do it for New York. They're gonna do it for America.' So that for me personally was my moment, even though we didn't win the whole thing, that's my moment. When he hit those home runs, when he was anointed Mr. November... That was it."

I also spoke of the club in the second half.  My thoughts have never changed on it.  I believe the Yankees will go after 1 pitcher and then handle the hitting and run scoring with what we have.  Bottom line, the Yankees spent a ton of money in the off season and gave the fans what we wanted, change.

Well, we have it, and now we have to hope these expensive hitters hit.  I believe we will, I really do, and I'm happy the boys let me offer that opinion on their show.

But the best part was this, and it's a part that I didn't hear because I had hung up by then;  Ryan and Paul had alittle banter after my interview.  I smiled when I heard it played back this morning.  It made me feel like I did the job... and I appreciate the kind words...

Paul Chivari: "He's got a great sense of humor and great insight to the Yankees."

Ryan Fahey: "He is a ball of joy to talk to. When I was communicating with him... when we officially confirmed he was coming on today, it just put a big smile on my face and I'm like 'we're gonna have some fun...'"

Well, we did, and I appreciate the kind words... it keeps me motivated and it makes me realize that I'm carrying myself and presenting the brand of BYB the correct way. I'm glad about that.

Anyway, the Chicago boys are terrific, professional and I'd go back any time they wanted me.

Again ladies and gentlemen... I'm not about myself here, but I'm happy to be apart of what BYB has become. I think I'm just proud!

Fahey & Chivari make me feel at home. They're stand up guys! Thanks gentlemen!

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