Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Look, I don't have to write much tonight.  Tonight's game was terrible. I'm fed up. About mid-way through, I did a shot of tequila because I realized that I was sick of watching my New York Yankees suck the life out of me. 

I then wrote and rewrote and rewrote a post about how it is way too far gone right now to wait any longer... Kevin Long must be fired!  Larry Rothschild must be fired! And I have news for you... if Joe Girardi is protecting them... Well, he needs to be fired as well.  The Yankees may be professional players, but they have hitting and pitching coaches for a reason. They don't just collect pay checks... let me rephrase this... Kevin Long and Larry Rothschild JUST collect paychecks... but they shouldn't. 

They should be teaching these professional athletes how to move runners around the bases and how to pitch as a starter at Yankee stadium.  It is absolutely pathetic what I am seeing!  The last 4 games have been horrible. The Yankees are horrible... Fart noise...

Hiroki Kuroda was the highlight. 8 innings pitched, he allowed 2 runs. ENOUGH TO KEEP THE YANKEES IN IT... if they actually knew how to hit and score runs. I tip my cap to Kuroda. I don't tip it to anyone else tonight. 

The Yankees had 4 hits off David Price.  They struck out 9 times off of Price. They left 8 men on. They scored 1 run... Derek Jeter scored on a throwing error.  Seriously... that's it.

You know what?  Here's the final.

Final: Rays 2 - Yankees 1.

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