Tuesday, June 24, 2014


David Phelps is the new Phil Hughes, because outing to outing, I don't know what we're getting.  6 runs on 5 innings pitched is no way to start a ball game.  I know the Jays are tough, and the Yankees made a mediocre effort to get some runs home, but for the love of God, and I've said this plenty... if you dig a hole, you can't always dig out quickly.  3 runs I can see... 5?  Not so much.

Run scoring has become tricky territory, especially in Toronto and especially against Mark Buehrle.  The Yankees need a chance and some nights their pitching isn't giving them one.  And yes, before I continue, let me be repeat, I know the Yankees can't score runs, Phelps isn't the only goat here, but when you stand on the mound, you command respect.  It's been damn hard for Phelps and the Yankees all season, but they need to try harder now... with all their freaking might at this point. Seriously.

The Yankees pitching consisted of Phelps who gave up 6 and the other thorn in my side lately, Adam Warren, who gave up that extra run on an error. That allowed the Jays to win it in the bottom of the ninth. More on that is a sec. My point with Phelps and Warren is,  it's the Joba and Hughes show all over again, at least that's what I think.

Anyway, the Yankee run scoring went like this:

The Yanks didn't start scoring until the 6th and that was when Derek Jeter hit a solo shot.  In the 7th, the Yankees rallied. Brian Roberts hit a 2 run shot. Jacoby Ellsbury singled and  that knocked in Brett Gardner. The Mark Teixeira reached on a throwing error and Jacoby Ellsbury scored.

Then, Melky Cabrera got his payback and singled in the bottom of the 9th for the Jays knocking in Jose Reyes. Solarte committed an error right when we needed him not to.  It's a walk off... and we were on the wrong side of it.

Final: Blue Jays 7 - Yankees 6 

Oh and check this out:
Brian McCann, while 2-4 tonight is still only batting .223.
Alfonso Soriano is batting .231.
Carlos Beltran, is batting .216. I mean... are you kidding?

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