Thursday, May 22, 2014


Give credit where credit is do. put up the following ad on Twitter yesterday. It's from their blog... It's about right.

I love Brian McCann, but let's face it, it's May 22nd and you have 6 homers and a .221 Average. Seriously?

Remember, the Yankees made quite a bold statement back in February, claiming McCann was "Munson-like". I took them to task for that then, because I believe a title like that needs to be earned. Read "MUNSON-LIKE" IS A BADGE OF HONOR, NOT A GIMMICK for more on that. I mean,  Thurman Munson was a dynamic catcher, mainly because he was so gritty, but he hit damn good as well.

You know who was "Munson-like", but was passed over? Jorge Posada. The Yankees never recognized him for his efforts, but he hit and he played hard behind the dish, called a great game won a bunch of championships, plus, the guy fought an up-hill battle of doubt for years.  But no. Instead, the Yankees waited until after he was gone, and gave the title to already former Yankee catcher Russell Martin, and now Brian McCann.

I wrote in February: "McCann is one of the best catchers out there. But McCann is not Munson...yet.  Although look,  I  do see tendencies of that passion and guts and have for a while in Atlanta. But  there is a difference between playing for the Braves and playing for the Yankees... and McCann hasn't played in New York yet.   He's a great catcher...I am very, very excited to have him in New York.  But can we draw the line and NOT call him "Munson-like"?  It's becoming a gimmick, or a sales pitch now rather that a true badge of honor."

In other words, he's done nothing yet.  Can he?  Sure he can, there are tendencies that he can be "Munson-like", but those are big shows to fill and it appears the Yankees have set him up for failure. My goodness.  I mean, how long do we have to wait?  We need wins right now. We need leadership.  We need Brian to develop into a leader, maybe even a future Yankee captain, but he's gotta get hitting!  I mean... 6 home runs. A .221 batting average.  Right now, the Yankees have egg on their face, and McCann needs to wipe it off.

I believe in McCann, my oldest son loves watching him behind the plate, no question... but we need his bat too... so let's get going, Brian... we're waiting!

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