Thursday, April 24, 2014


I really do appreciate the rivalry between the Yankees and the Red Sox. The games are always entertaining. But tonights game was just long. Or maybe it felt that way. Hey look, I have to give credit where it is due. The Red Sox are our biggest rivals, not because they suck, but because they can meet us tick for tack. But tonight, their fielding reminded me more of "The Bad News Bears." Rather disappointing.

Okay, that's the remake clip, not the original. But let's be honest, Billy Bob Thornton was pretty inappropriately hilarious in this film. Just me? Fine!

Our ace, CC Sabathia, did an incredible job today. He pitched 6 innings, only giving up 2 runs. After last nights game, it's exactly what we needed. He gave our bullpen at least a nights rest. But the real heroes in this game were our bats. Jacoby Ellsbury did an excellent job of leaving his old home of Boston something to remember him by, going 3 for 6 with 3 RBI's. Mark Teixeira hit his first home run of the season, in a moment of "is it or isn't it." The ball hit just above the line, and the ump waved his hand around, signaling a homer. Brett Gardner spent some time stealing bases in the 3rd. Was an excellent reminder of his speed.

Top prospect Shane Greene made his major league debut tonight. Of all teams, and of all places to make your debut with the Yankees, I imagine that Boston is the most nerve wracking. He is charged with 3 runs, and struck out Shane Victorino. Welcome to the big leagues, Greene!

There was a moment in the 1st inning where Gardner was called safe, which made me question these new catching rules. Now it worked in our favor this time, but for the sake of fairness, I have to ask "what the heck?" The new exchange rules state that if a fielder catches the ball for the out, but looses control of it on the exchange, the runner is safe. Uh, say what now? Hey, MLB! Fix that! I foresee so much confusion due to this in the future.

The defense by the Red Sox was making basic little league mistakes out there. It was a train wreck. Good news for us, but resulted in 5 errors for them. They sent out five pitchers, including Mike Carp as relief. That makes two positional players that the Yankees see pitching in the same week.

Final: Yankees 14 - Red Sox 5

--Erica Morales BYB Senior Writer 
Twitter: @e_morales1804



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