Sunday, April 20, 2014


"I'm drunk in EPCOT Mexico." 

That's what I texted my buddy 2 years ago when I was having the time of my life with my family in Florida. I was relaxed, not stressed at all and laughing and sharing some great times in Disney... namely, EPCOT, at that particular moment. He texted me back an "LOL", and since then, right around that time of year, we'll bring it up again.

I've known him since 1989.  He's my best friend and he always will be.  We share the same values and we both have terrific families.  We're also both huge Yankee fans.We have been through a lot together, and since college, we continue to communicate regularly.    3 years ago when this BYB thing began, he was there too, helping me and guiding me, giving me advice and he still does to this day.

We've watched a ton of Yankee games together.  We were at Fenway the day Jason Varitek wouldn't take off his face mask and fight Alex Rodriguez like a man.  We witnessed bar fights and even got some great pictures of us on the field and on Yawkey Way.  All the while, we wore our Yankee gear proud in Boston that weekend.  We were also alittle hungover.

We were together when the Yankees lost in the playoffs in 1995. In fact, we were together, both devastated, pissed and unable to control ourselves as we watched Ken Griffey Jr. celebrate after crossing home plate. I think I literally through a chair.  It was a terrible night, but lucky for us, the run that followed was historic for the Yankee fan base. We were apart of it, thankfully.

He's always been a Don Mattingly fan. Ironically their birthday's are on the same day, today.  Me, I loved Mattingly, but Ron Guidry was my guy. 

It may have been the only players we disagreed about, but still, we respected them both. One guy we both loved for his determination and guts though was Jorge Posada

So why am I telling you all this? Well, I've decided to do something that's important to me. Seeing charity all over the place, I'm going to make an offer to the Bleeding Yankee Blue readers today and it will remain intact for the entire baseball season.  On this day, Easter Sunday, my buddy's birthday, I will be selling these light blue wristbands, not for profit, but for charity. 

When you buy one of these wristbands for $2.00, I will match it. At the end of the season, I will donate the money to whatever charity he and I decide.  You can go to the store right now and  CLICK to buy one of these wristbands.

All the money will go to a charity and NOT to BYB. It's a birthday gift and I thought it would be kind of cool.  Hopefully you will jump in.  There's a lot tragedy in the world, but there's a lot of kindness too.  Let's try to bring the kindness to the forfront and eliminate tragedy.   We're doing our part... are you in?

Buy a light blue wristband, make a difference...

Happy Birthday kid... go get drunk in EPCOT Mexico.

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