Saturday, December 14, 2013


I wanted to pass this along because when players leave and new ones come in in the off-season, it's a whirlwind.  There's sadness, happiness and I'm not gonna lie, I get anxious. Yankee fans start to wonder what's coming next and how well the guys we let walk will do.

When it comes to Joba Chamberlain, there was no bigger fan than me.  Sure, he was much different in demeanor than a Mariano Rivera, but that's what made it unique.  Not to mention, when he took the mound, he pounded the plate and I remember most those Red Sox games, when the game was one the line, he delivered.

One particular moment I remember was when I was on the streets of Charleston, South Carolina on vacation.  It was the Summer of 2007 and I was standing outside a bar with one of oldest who was sleeping in a carriage.  I was watching the Yankee game through a window while my wife was shopping in a store near by. There was no sound of the game, but I remember Joba was on the mound replacing Chien-Ming Wang.  The Yankees were up at the time, but you know with the Sox, that changes all the time.  Joba came in and despite a Dustin Pedroia double, he got us out of the inning and onto victory.  I loved what he showed me that day and I became a fan instantly.

Years later, we were all still rooting for Joba and many got frustrated.  Is Joba the same guy? Can he be? Well, Yankee fans need not worry anymore, unless you're a Joba guy like me.  I'll keep watching him in Detroit and I'll keep rooting.

Well, luckily for you, Joba has a message to the Yankee fans today and he's asked me to deliver it exclusively to the Bleeding Yankee Blue readers.  He sent it to me after I had written  JOBA & HUGHES: OVER IN THE BRONX, BUT NEW LIFE AHEAD, and here's what Joba said:

 "I appreciate it. I learned so much from it all. I'm so grateful and thankful for the tremendous 7 years. Ups and downs included. It made me a better man, father, friend, and baseball player... I wouldn't be anything without the fans that supported me. I know it was hard at times but I hope they know I gave it everything I had every time I went out there."

Say what you will about Joba Chamberlain.  I call him courageous and determined.  He's also pretty mature these days and I hope he gets out there in Detroit and becomes a champion again for he and his kid... in his own division of course.

Thanks for reaching out Joba.  Turn the page, go get'um kid.

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