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So there it is.  We did a poll around a month ago after a very depressing off season of not signing a top player that made Yankee fans say, “You know what? That’s an awesome signing!”  Instead, there were a lot of guys that combined, could be a terrific player, but as an individual, we’re rolling the dice.  Matt Diaz has already been signed and released by the Yankees and Dan Johnson and Juan Rivera aren’t exactly lighting it up.  So I had to know… since some players have left New York, be it free agency or trades or whatever over the past 7 years, if you had a chance to get 1 guy back, who would it be?   

There were 9 players on the list.  I left Nick Swisher off the list, and maybe I should have kept him on it.  The reason why was because I didn’t have any indication from Yankee brass that he was coming back because of his free agency year and so, it was a decision I made. But the reality was, that probably wasn’t fair because believe it or not, as far as write-in votes go, Nick Swisher received 12 votes.  So, I apologize to the BYB readers, but thanks for keeping me in check, with comments and emails, I appreciate it.  Anyway, here are the results of that poll:

93 people voted and Jesus Montero was the top of the heap with 31 votes, or 33%.  Losing Montero was like a punch to the gut when he was traded. Probably because there was really no chatter about the Yankees ever wanting to trade him and then... it just happened. To me, Montero leading in this poll made sense.

 Next up, receiving 18 votes was Raul Ibanez.  Ibanez was the post season hero for the Yankees and right around Christmas time, it was clear that the Yankees were going to re-sign Ibanez.  Shockingly, that never happened and Ibanez signed with the Mariners because the Yankees waited to long to make an offer.  That spawned a rant that will be read on BYB for years to come… read YANKEE FANS REVOLT: "ENOUGH'S ENOUGH!" for context on that. 

Chris Dickerson and Russell Martin each got 13 votes a piece, a tie.  Both guys contributed in their own ways and when both guys left after the season, Martin by choice, Dickerson by force, it was sad to see.  Again, Martin never got an offer from the Yankees, a surprise by many of us.  We all knew Dickerson would bounce back, he has the talent and always contributed.  He was a good soldier.  By the way, read EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: CHRIS DICKERSON if you haven’t already. He's on the Orioles now.

Next was good ol’ Nick Swisher with 12 write-in votes… Not too shabby for a guy I left off the list on purpose.  I guess I was thinking too hard.   I apologize again.  

And with 11 votes was Eric Chavez. Chavez did some great stuff while in New York and it was sad to see him leave to go to Arizona. Again, and I hate harping on this, but the Yankees didn’t really engage him and they let him walk.

You can check out the other voting as well, but I must say, you gotta feel alittle bad for George Kontos and Hector Noesi… big fat zeroes for them.  Oh well, life goes on. 

So there you have it, Jesus Montero is your guy!  Montero is the 1 player you’d like to have back if you could, and I happen to agree with you.  It would have made for some fun times in the Yankees catching situation right now, I’ll tell you that.  

Anyway, thanks for voting and thanks for reading.  We appreciate you guys here at Bleeding Yankee Blue.

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