Monday, February 11, 2013


"I've gotten all the green lights I need." -- Derek Jeter

Chad Jennings at USA Today has the story, along with several others and it's music to Yankee fans' ears.  Derek Jeter is back and Lord knows it's what everyone was officially waiting for.  Jennings piece is HERE, but here's a piece of that article: 

"...Jeter ran on a treadmill this morning. It was his first time running since the ankle injury that forced him out of the playoffs and into surgery. 'It's all a progression,' Jeter said. 'Even if I didn't break my ankle, there's steps to it. This is just another step in the process that I would be doing anyway.'"

May I also report that Jon Morosi Tweeted that "Jeter just 80 ground balls at shortstop." His Tweet is HERE

All of this is very positive if you're a Yankee fan.  Granted, Jeter has a tendency to not be 100% truthful about injury, but in this case, you have to believe him. With the beginning of a new season here, he's not going to lie to us.  Plus, we have witnesses.
So with this positive story, one would believe that the Pile-on Yankee fans are used to every year has to also be part of the media.  I can't stand the stories that suggest that the Yankees will wind up in "last place" without the season starting and a ball being thrown. It's just a bunch of crap, right? Well look, but there will always be Yankee haters out there.  And if they aren't haters, they clearly believe their writing isn't relevant anymore and in a desperation move, they are writing something "earth shattering" about the Yankees stinking up the joint. You guys are smarter than that and I love that! 

Let's do t his, let's make a note of these haters, we'll write up an imaginary Post-it with Phil Rogers and Bill Madden's names on it and we'll start the season. Then, when the Yankees do well in 2013, we can revisit these ridiculous pieces from Phil Rogers (Read HERE COME THE "YANKEE STINK" ARTICLES) and Bill Madden (lame piece HERE.)  Why? Because it will prove to me that predicting a season before it starts is just a desperation move, nothing more.

Bottom line, Derek Jeter is the Captain and he will lead our Yankees out of the tunnel, but it's 25 guys that make up that club, not just Jeter.  Sure, if Jeter goes down, that hurts the team, but let's not forget the talent from the rest of this gang of Yankees... in other words, we are better than the haters think and we'll prove it in 2013, no doubt in my mind.

Congrats to Jeet...Spring Training starts tomorrow... there ain't nothing better than that.

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