Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I'm a baseball fan... you know that about me.  So, at this very moment, I'm not going to delve into these latest developments about new names surfacing in the Biogenesis records, read HERE... Not right now at least. Why? Because it's all getting diluted with the many, many accusations out there all over the social networks before a true investigation has come out.  For me personally, I need to take this all in.  It's serious if it's true.  Notice I said IF. 

I'm trying to stay positive here, for myself, for baseball, for my 10 year old son who wanted to throw Alex Rodriguez's baseball card out last week after after a friend told him Alex cheated.  Bottom line, let MLB do their investigation.  We all need to stop rushing to judgement.  Sure this is red meat for fans who are looking to turn their back on cheaters, I get that, I do,  but we all need to calm down.
I can tell by BYB's readership that it's bothering everyone lately. No one wants to read about this stuff because it's disappointing. And when I read that someone I truly support in Francisco Cervelli was now on this "list", I stopped for a second. I got angry, then confused...
I initially wanted to ask "Why", as in "Why did he do it?", but realized I should be asking "Why is he on the list?" instead.  Again, I want to wait this out and see exactly what happens here.  If Cisco comes forward and admits guilt, well, then we know.  That goes for all these guys.  The best thing Melky Cabrera and Bartolo Colon did was admit to it, then, they took their lumps like men. I almost have more respect for that, than denying.  Again though, this is an ongoing investigation... we need and wait and see what Major League Baseball says. 

Ryan Braun is right there with Cervelli on that list, along with others.  Braun is another guy that beat the rap the first time, but now his name is back.  My mind is all over the place, but I'm not going to accuse anyone, not yet.  Like I said in ALEX RODRIGUEZ ISN'T THE ONLY ONE INVOLVED HERE,  Let's just wait and see and stop the craziness. 

Sure, the names are there, handwritten, but what are we looking at? Is it a betting sheet? Is it a list of names of alleged users? Is it someone's favorite players? All I'm saying is, we all need to take a deep breath and wait for an explanation. 

I'll sleep on this and I'll have more over the next few days... keep checking back here at BYB for more, I'm sure we'll have it. In fact, I know we will.

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