Monday, January 14, 2013


...and snowballs into a bunch of people that believe in the same cause. This, in turn creates a movement. It's happening ladies &'s happening.

There are many causes out there.  We all have our favorites.  But when the Hensley's asked me to reach out to my audience about the work that Ty Henlsey is doing with BeEdmond, I could have said no, but I didn't.  Why? Because I care. I have kids, I want them to push for the stars and never feel scared or worried or upset.  I want them to step up and be successful in society.

Saturday was the launch day for BeEdmond, a project that Ty Hensley has been working on. The message is clear, it's to help prevent teen suicide and suicide in general.

This topic is very dear to many people, and also to Ty. Many of us may have lose important people in our lives. To that feeling comes helplessness and isolation.

Ty's message is crystal clear, and I tip my cap to this young lad who made a very adult decision to be the face of this cause. He wants people to know that you can get through it. You can get through the alone and helpless feeling. Bottom line, there are great things ahead of you and you can rise above...always. Just put your mind to it.

The Hensleys are trying to raise $40,000 to build a BeEdmond APP to put on our teen's phones. The APP will have links to crisis hotlines, football schedules, movies, etc. In a nutshell, everything that a teen would want and need to have access to. Our kids today communicate through text and social media and they need a way to reach out in crisis in that format. This project touched Ty's heart because of his personal experiences and it will probably touch many of you as well.  If they can get 1000 people to donate at least $40, they are there and maybe, just maybe we save a life!

I applaud the Hensley family.  I've corresponded with Marci Hensley for a few months now.  She and Mike are terrific parents and they clearly have raised their children to be the best people they can be.  As Marci as said, "athletics is a bonus."  But the important part of this is that it's a life lesson to all parents.  Communicate with your children, they learn from a parent, guardian or mentor.

Watch Ty's Public Service Announcement again...donate if this is the cause for you.  Let's get this APP built. Let's make a difference, as a Yankee family.

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