Monday, January 14, 2013


This is just rich.  It looks like Jeffrey Loria and David Samson have gone into hiding since their Marlins dump to the Toronto Blue Jays.  This is coming from Miami Herald's writer Barry Jackson, read HERE.  When I read  that, I had to laugh.  Can someone say wuss?

My opinion on this is simple... How do you own a team, trade away the stars and then decide to blow off the fans?  What a bunch of children or, little women for that matter.

And before all you BYB women readers jump down my throat, you need not criticize me.  First off, you know I have several female writers, plus, I've been married to one of the toughest, no non-sense women around, so, I say it jokingly, not literally. Plus, the title is funny, especially when you see a picture of Jeffrey Loria and David Samson under that title. I swear to you, it's a joke, nothing more.  I mean, it's the equivalent of Arnold Schwarzenegger saying in one of his films... "They're a bunch of girlie men!"

But seriously, who walks away from the fans?  My parents always told me, you blow it, you face the music and take your lumps. I understand that they are arrogant enough to NOT think that they blew it, but ask the Miami Marlins fans that. Ask Giancarlo Stanton that.
See what they all think about them running from controversy. I bet they have a different opinion on that.

Jackson of the Herald writes: "Besides forbidding president David Samson from doing his radio show, Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria also told Samson that he can no longer do interviews. That’s short-sighted, because Samson made himself more accountable and accessible than many team presidents, even amid unpopular decisions made solely by Loria. Loria, by the way, has refused to speak to the media since mid-November."


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