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Here's another installment from my good friend Dave Goode, a die-hard Yankee fan... and my friend.

As your blog says, The Yankees are looking to 2014. I am going to be like a bear and go to sleep.  You can wake me just in time for Spring training 2014.  It is my opinion that this Yankee team sadly reminds me of being a young Yankee fan.

(In Photo: Jake Gibbs)
I remember being around 11 years old and seeing that 1967 Yankee roster... an aging Mickey Mantle in one of his last years. Jake Gibbs as catcher, Charley Smith at 3B. There was Tom Tresh, Joe Pepitone, Ruben Amaro, Steve Whitaker and many other so-so players past there prime.

Last season they BATTLED to barely make the playoffs with so-so pitching and no clutch hitting. Now I see this off season and there is nothing. It has been the "Off Season of Stugots."

Yeah, we signed Kevin Youkilis because we had no choice. Alex Rodriguez is down through mid-summer at best and he "could" be out all season, read HERE.   Youk could surprise us, true, but his better days are behind him.  We couldn’t even get a so-so Scott Hairston to sign with us, never mind a Justin Upton who ended up going to the Braves. Plus, instead of going after Michael Morse, we signed Dan Johnson, a .237 lifetime hitter. To me, it's pathetic. BYB blogs have talked all the players the Yanks have missed the boat on and I'll tell you, I wish I could talk to both of the Steinbrenner boys and tell them that's it's been a disappointment.

We are in the toughest division in baseball and after the Toronto Blue Jays made that trade with the Miami Marlins, things just got tougher. Plus, who's left to sign? Michael Bourn?  I don’t see that happening.  I've been in sales for over 30 years. We usually have mock sales sessions. But look, until you actually interact with customers, it is all nonsense.  That is why the time is NOW to get the kids on the farm up to the bigs! Another year down on the farm won't matter that much. not when we sign  guys like Dan Johnson. Instead of waiting, give the kids a shot.  My gut tells me they can't do any worse and it will mature them and give them the big league experience they need. Who knows, we may actually get luck too! Forget about Giancarlo Stanton. The Yankees just won't spend the money.

I think the only way the boys wake up is if us fans revolt. I back BYB's idea, hit them in the pocket book. Read YANKEE FAN'S REVOLT: "ENOUGH'S ENOUGH". Let the attendance dwindle, let food and souvenir sales fall flat and all revenue sources dry up and if in 2014 they put a team that can win #28 on the field, we will be back, but not before!  Hey, when they spend money, fans will spend money.  As was said in the movie Network. " I'm mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore!"

Finally, on paper, I don’t see a team that can go out win the division, a pennant and a #28 championship, so wake me in 2014.  Hopefully I'm wrong.  If I'm not, hopefully next winter these guys will wake up and go after some quality players.  Hey, it never hurts to start looking early... right?

 --Dave Goode, Die-hard Yankee fan
Interviewed for his 30 plus years experience as a vendor at Yankee Stadium

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