Saturday, December 8, 2012


I'm not saying Robinson Cano is a bad man, but in this huge world where there are struggles for families to make ends meet every single day, with parents are trying to buy gifts for their children around this holiday season, and people still recovering from Hurricane Sandy, maybe, just maybe a story about Robinson Cano going for huge dollars at the end of the 2013 season isn't the best thing for Cano's reputation. It's just bad timing.

According to Mark Feinsand and Christian Red, piece HERE, Robinson Cano will most likely NOT take the hometown discount at the end of 2013.  Sure, it makes sense, it's a free agent year. When that happens you try and go big if you're a ball player.  Nick Swisher is going through it right now.  I get it, I just hate the process. Why? Because it gets nasty, that's why.

According to 1 source, Robinson Cano will look for a monster contract much like ARod did at one time.  Sadly, Scott Boras is Cano's agent, so, much like it's predicted around baseball... Cano will collect as much as he can, Boras will smile ear to ear and Yankee fans will in fact turn on Cano when, and if he leaves the Bronx.  It's a wicked web, no one likes to see this... no one.
While Cano may be one of the best players on the Yankees, there is no question he is under a microscope among Yankee fans who slammed him for his "non-hustle" and lack of enthusiasm this past season.  Some suggested, me included, that he's just going through the motions. This off season there have been rumblings that fans "don't care" if he returns.  Others can't live without Cano.  Me? I just believe in loyalty, but I also understand the life of an athlete and the American way. You work toward a goal, you make money to provide for your family and you climb to the top.  Somehow though, when Scott Boras is connected... I feel queasy about it.

In the Feinsand piece, a source said:  "He’s (Cano) not giving them a hometown discount, and they seem to be more interested in keeping their payroll down than winning... He knows he’s the best player on the Yankees ... There’s no reason for him not to be paid that way.”

It's been stated that Cano wants to remain a Yankee... at the end of the day, this is business, remember that.  Robinson Cano, and all these players, care about themselves and their family at the end of the day, not the fans.  Why? Because there will always be new fans someone else and these players need to strike while the iron's hot... and if that iron has an "ARod contract" attached to it, then, guess where they go?  You guessed it... it's the harsh reality of baseball.

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