Monday, December 17, 2012


Nick Swisher is meeting with the Indians tonight in Cleveland. That comes from Nick Camino of WTAM 1100 in Cleveland, Tweet HERE. One will assume an offer will be made as the Indians will try and convince Swisher to play for Terry Francona and the Tribe. Look, I was convinced after Josh Hamilton signed with the Angels that the Rangers would scramble and make a big offer to Swisher... I guess that didn't happen yet.

I wonder where Swisher will eat in Cleveland?  There are alot of nice restaurants. If I had to pick a place, I'd pick Lola Bistro which is right in downtown Cleveland... alittle Cleveland night life, a nice meal and maybe he signs on the dotted line. Boom... done.

The Blue Point Grille is a great place, but I can't see Swisher there for some reason.   It's seafood mostly, I picture Swish chomping on a steak.
You know what? I will bet it's Red Steak House.  They have great selections of meats, great atmospere and I'm sure they can win him over at that place.  A nice glass of wine, a nice T-bone... they'll have him at "Hello."

Look, whatever it is, let's be clear Yankee fans, Nick Swisher is on the move and that's just the way it is. Sure, I'd love Nick to come back to the Bronx. I forgive him and I loved him in New York, but I just have a feeling that over the next few days, the Indians or Rangers will be pushing hard for a good right fielder... and Nick Swisher is it.

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