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We've interviewed some great people since Bleeding Yankee Blue's birth.  It's been great.  To date, the most popular one is our interview with Paul O'Neill, read EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: PAUL O'NEILL for that.  We've also interviewed guys like Ty Hensley, Homer Bush, Mickey Rivers and Nick Swisher to name a few. But today's Christmas and I wanted to do something special, for me, for my family and for you all.  Something light and innocent on this Christmas day, a day about family and children and giving back.

My 10 year old has matured quite nicely, I credit my wife with that.  He's smart, he tries hard and when he has a goal in life, he works hard to hit it and make it his own.  He's growing up nicely and I'm crazy about this kid, so, why not interview him and see what he thinks about things, like baseball, something he's been playing since he's been 4 years old.  So here it is, an interview with my oldest son... enjoy this... I certainly did.

BYB: You like the Yankees because of me, but as an individual, who is your favorite team right now and why?

MY OLDEST SON: I like the Braves because they have a lot of accuracy in hitting. I like their players and their pitching is always good.

BYB: You have a picture of Babe Ruth in your room in a Boston Braves uniform.  Why did you want me to buy that for you?

MY OLDEST SON: Well, because I wanted to have a baseball card of him on that team but it was hard to find one. So I just asked for that picture instead. 

BYB: When did you learn that the Red Sox were the “bad guys” and the Yankees were the good guys?

MY OLDEST SONWhen I was about 3. I remember you telling me that they were enemies and I didn’t get it but I went with it. Now I understand.

BYB: If you could wear 1 baseball jersey to school to represent who you are as a baseball player, who would it be and why?

MY OLDEST SON: Derek Jeter.  He is a good role model and a great player.
BYB: Who is your favorite baseball player ever and why?

MY OLDEST SON: Lou Gehrig. I never saw him play but I saw videos and he was amazing. He played first base and so do I.

BYB: OK. There are 5 baseball players invited to your birthday party, who would they be?

MY OLDEST SON: Raul Ibanez, Derek Jeter, Ichiro Suzuki, Curtis Granderson, Kevin Youkilis 

BYB: When you play baseball and you go to the plate to hit, do you picture yourself as any player?

MY OLDEST SON: No. I just think about hitting the ball. I used to and it was Mark Teixeira. 

BYB: Do you get embarrassed or excited when me and your mom are at your baseball games and why?

MY OLDEST SON: Both because I like it when you’re there so I know you believe in me and I also don’t because you get alittle annoying.

BYB: There was a time where you wanted to wear eye black like Bryce Harper when you played in your games, but then you stopped… why?

MY OLDEST SON: I stopped because it distracted me. When I was playing and someone hit the ball to me, I was thinking about the eye black.

BYB: I have always equated your heart and hard work on the field to Jorge Posada. Who do you try to emulate?

MY OLDEST SON: Ichiro for sure because he can always hit and just try to get on base too.

BYB: In 2013, predict for me who plays in the World Series and wins it?  

MY OLDEST SON: That's hard. My prediction is the St. Louis Cardinals vs. the Texas Rangers and the Cardinals will win it all.
BYB: You started collecting cards and then stopped. Why? 

MY OLDEST SON: I don’t have enough time for them anymore. 

BYB: What do you think about Bleeding Yankee Blue?

MY OLDEST SON: I think it’s annoying.

BYB: Well, that's pretty honest.


BYB: Do you know how proud I am of you?   


I am, I really am. In fact, that goes for all my kids.

Enjoy the holiday you BYB freaks... and thanks for sticking with us for the past few years.  Merry Christmas.

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