Thursday, November 29, 2012


Just a note to every Yankee fan who loves Russell Martin. He's gone... Screw him.  Today Martin signed a 2 year deal to leave a dynasty for the Pitssburgh Pirates, read HERE. 2 years, $17 million. Good for the Pirates, the now have a solid defensive catcher that bats .200.  Notice the sarcasm...and maybe alittle jealousy... I'm not sure how I feel about this yet.

No, the deal wasn't for 4 years like Martin wanted. Like I said in PIRATES ARE PUSHING HARD FOR RUSSELL MARTIN, 4 years was silly and  to be honest, I suggested 3.  They negotiated 2 and now Russell Martin has left the Bronx. 

Bleeding Yankee Blue will no doubt have commentary, opinion, humor and new trade targets for the Yankees early tomorrow morning as we try and decide who the next "Munson-like" catcher to play in New York.  Lord knows it ain't Russell any longer. Maybe he and AJ Burnett can go talk trash in a Pittsburgh bar somewhere next April. 

Goodnight Russell, it's been fun... good luck.
Quick... someone call Jorge Posada....

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