Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Nick Swisher and the Yankees had an amazing relationship.  The Yankee fans fell in love and Nick seemed to loosen up the once corporate image of the clubhouse.  In the end, he was dynamic, electric, energetic and fun.  He also sucked in the postseason and after a few times of that, we as fans really start to get alittle annoyed and impatient. Any fan understands that.  I mean, players play hard all year to get to the postseason and hopefully win it all and bottom line, if you don't perform there, year after year, it ain't good. 

But I will never call a baseball player "trash" or "washed up" or "lazy". I know how hard it is to get to the Big Show and staying there is just as hard. So Nick's forgiven as far as I'm concerned.  But I'll tell you this, if he goes to the Boston Red Sox, which, in many reports, it seems as though its a trail that may be forming as we speak... well, then I turn my back on him.  Then he'll be the enemy. That's a division rival... the Red Sox? Stop it.  
The latest report comes from George King III, HERE, of the New York Post and it simply says "According to a person with knowledge of the situation the Red Sox have an interest in the switch-hitting right fielder who can also handle first base.

'He is on their radar,' the person said of the Yankees’ blood rivals who need a right fielder and first baseman and have vowed to spend money this offseason."

You may look at that and think, "So what's the big deal, alot of teams are probably looking at Swisher." Sure, a lot of team are, but this is different, this is the Red Sox. They are looking for a switch hitting outfielder and first baseman.  That's Nick.

This is the same guy that complained that fans were hammering him alittle too much and it "hurt" after our loss in the ALCS.  I don't have sympathy for Nick Swisher in that regard. As a fan who pays a lot of money all year to see my Yankees win, if a player stinks up the joint, that player gets what he gets. Now, truth  be told, I hate booing and I don't personally do that, but a "Come on Bro!" is allowed. That being said... another fan wants to "Boo" or yell "You Suck", what am I to do, they have a right to handle it however they want.
So yeah, if this report is true by George King, I'm angry.  Much like Red Sox fans were angry when Wade Boggs and Roger Clemens became Yankees.  I get it and I hate it.  But the bottom line is this, Nick Swisher is in his first Free Agent season ever and the likelihood of him coming back the New York at a hometown discount seems unlikely. Plus, the Yanks are not willing pay big to bring him back.  If he can get big years and big money elsewhere, why stay in the Bronx...even if it means going to the enemy.

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