Thursday, November 15, 2012


Just so everyone who reads BYB is aware, this whole Miami Marlins-Toronto Blue Jays trade isn't complete until Bud Selig approves it. 

According to Sports Illustrated (HERE), Selig is reviewing the trade as we speak... well, probably not exactly "as we speak". I mean, the dude is probably in his footy pajamas sleeping with a sleep mask... a Brewers sleep mask that is. Or at least that's how I see it. 

But anyway, according to SI, Selig is fully aware of the anger of Miami fans but will "do what's in the best interests of the sport." Right...this is the same guy that once ended a baseball game in a tie.  It's baseball, it ends when it ends... silly man.

Here are some quotes from Selig: "People have different views of that as to what you should do and how you should do it, but I think I've been able to come through all these situations and the sport's been stronger and better as a result.    

So when I say I have this matter under review and I've talked to a lot of our people and I've spent a lot of time here in between all the other meetings - this is a tough place to do it - that's exactly what I mean. It is under review. I am aware of the anger, I am. I'm also aware that in Toronto they're very happy."

By the way, be sure to look for a great piece from a Yankee fan, a friend of mine who is a Miami Native on this whole mess. We'll put that up tomorrow morning.

Also, just so Yankee fans understand why I'm pushing this Miami story so hard. 2 reasons, #1, this goes back to our stories about fans and baseball from just a few days ago. Check them out:

#2: We're Yankee fans... the American League East just got tougher with the Jays possibly getting a few really good players from the Marlins. Be aware.

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